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You have the data, but need the right tool to easily leverage and access it quickly. GPS (Graphical Performance Statistics) is an interactive, web-based service designed to allow you to view your dealership performance anytime in an easy-to-read graphical display. Now you can easily see where you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going.  All this easily and quickly from any location with Internet access. GPS allows you to get up close and personal for your dealership(s) – viewing data by individual departments and salespeople within user selected date ranges.  You can quickly analyze store performance by the hour, day, month, or season, and compare it to prior period performance. 

Use GPS to navigate your dealership to your desired financial destination.  Plot your course and drive to it.  GPS brings together the multiple reports and spreadsheets you normally spend hours analyzing and quickly transforms them into easy-to-view graphical displays.

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